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Hauptstadtbasilikum freigestellt halb

100% plastic free - the bag becomes a pot replacement

The reduction of plastic packaging is on everyone's lips. Therefore we are very pleased to have found a solution to sell the capital basil without any plastic at all (m/f/d). We have replaced the plastic sleeve with a stylish bag made of recycled paper. The special thing about it is that the basil is in the bag without the plastic sleeve. Simply cut off all the dotted lines and the bag becomes a pot replacement! Together we save about 7,000 kg of plastic per year. Optionally, clip a paper clip to the right and left of the bag to make it into a tight-fitting pot. So the soil does not dry out so quickly.


Casting instructions

When your basil leaves are hanging, it is time to water it. This happens about every 2-3 days, depending on the location. First cut off the corners of the bag at the bottom and then simply place it in a bowl of fresh water. Its roots will absorb the water in no time at all. Take care not to water it too often, as it does not like stagnant moisture.


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Your basil likes light and heat (preferably around 21°). Ideal is e.g. the bright windowsill, the winter garden or in summer also the balcony.



To ensure that your basil can continue to grow after harvesting, you should cut the stem just above a pair of leaves. This way the next "tier" can grow again.



We all love pesto, but have you ever tried fresh basil mayonnaise? Tastes great in a fish roll or as a delicious dip for many dishes. Mix 250ml mayo with the finely chopped leaves of a whole capital basil, the juice and zest of a lime and a dash of honey. Bon appétit!

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